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"Iker has never stopped being one of the best goalkeepers in the world. For me, Iker is a top goalkeeper and has never not been."
- Cristiano Ronaldo
Fabio thanking Iker with a kiss after a great save


i love san iker so much that it physically hurts me deep inside

Iker & Cris - UEFA Super Cup 2014 - Real Madrid CF vs Sevilla FC - 12/08/2014


y’all can tell me whatever the fuck you want that no player is above the club and all that bullshit and y’all can believe in whatever shit you want and say that we’re biased or whatever but iker casillas is everything, iker casillas is real madrid and real madrid is iker casillas and when i think about real madrid i think about iker casillas and when i think of iker casillas i think of real madrid and so on and i don’t care what y’all thinking and if you hate iker casillas or you want get rid of him you know i don’t care because all i care about is that this man gives his all to this club, has been through a lot of shit and you know i wouldn’t blame him for leaving but he stayed and he fought and he won la decima with the club (love) of his life and yeah believe in whatever shit you want and have your weak ass basic opinions because nothing will change the love iker casillas has for the club and the love that madridismo has for iker casillas. 

Real Madrid players celebrate with team mates and the trophy after the UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Sevilla FC at Cardiff City Stadium on August 12, 2014 in Cardiff, Wales.