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My cycle at Real Madrid has come to an end. Impossible to write down what I felt here. I want to share my feelings. In these four years I had the honor to wear this shirt, I felt nothing but pride. Today I have to go, but I want to make clear that it has never been my desire to leave Real Madrid. I only asked for fair things. I value many things, money isn’t one. I’ve been lucky enough to share a dressing room with fantastic players, who have been even better companions. I want to apologize for the times I was wrong, on or off the pitch. It was never my intention to harm anyone. I sweated for this shirt every game as if it was my last game. I want to thank Spain for everything they gave me and especially for allowing my daughter to be born. My wife, daughter and I will be forever grateful. I wish that Real Madrid has a great season and achieves all their objectives. I will never forget the game at the Bernabeu in the Supercopa where I received an immense ovation.

Hala Madrid until forever!”

- Angel Di Maria (x)


me at my concert

Cristiano, Marcelo & Iker in the tunnel before the match | 25-08-14

 Real Madrid 2-0 Córdoba Benzema, 29’Cristiano Ronaldo, 89’

Real Madrid 2-0 Córdoba
Benzema, 29’
Cristiano Ronaldo, 89’

Karim Benzema (30’) and Cristiano Ronaldo (90’) secure the 3 points in Real Madrid’s first La Liga game of the season.

You’ve received an incredible reception from the fans here already. How has that made you feel?

I didn’t expect it because I’ve always been playing against Liverpool. Whenever I played against Liverpool, the fans weren’t nice with me but that’s normal - it’s football! Now that I play for Liverpool, I can see the expectation in people. They’re very happy and that makes me very happy at the same time.

Real Madrid vs Córdoba (August 25, 2014) | Benzema 30’