"I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore."
- Marguerite Duras, from Hiroshima, Mon Amour  (via squirrelfiend)


Toni Kroos & Ronaldo at today’s training | 8.8.2014 x


Photoset of Seiker asked by rogue1988

A true friend is the greatest of all 
blessings, and that which we take t
he least care of all to acquire.

On wearing the Real Madrid shirt
“It’s the greatest thing for any footballer; to pull on the Madrid shirt, and defend the club crest (…) It’s a great honour to wear this shirt. It demands responsibility and discipline.”

On not playing the CL final
“All of us who were not out on the pitch really suffered. I expected to suffer, but not that much! As it turned out, there’s probably no better way of suffering. It was the greatest feeling.” x

Footballers that I love | Iker Casillas

Football alphabet: Quote.

"It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love."


whenever i hit the clubs bouncers be like “I.D. please”


no problem